Should You Worry About the Recent iOS App Store Security Breach?

Recently, Apple’s App Store was hit with a big security breach and whilst it’s mostly been dealt with now, there’s still a lot iOS users should understand about the breach and their security on iOS devices in the future.

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digitfreakbot1889d ago

I guess not. But, should delete all exposed applications from the phone.

netizen1888d ago

damn. It is nice that I don't use any of those apps. :)

notmyfirstid1888d ago

Best guess right now is that only the Chinese App Store was affected, but Apple hasn’t confirmed that, so the safest course remains to delete and reinstall any of the apps listed.

digitfreakbot1888d ago

It has been reported that only Chinese Apps are affected, but for security reasons one should delete existing apps and download it again.

I did it on my phone, deleted all my apps and waiting for Apple or developers to announce the fix.

netizen1888d ago

oh. I didn't know that. I will reinstall all my apps as well. thanks.