Sexbots development “further objectifies women and children”, campaign to ban them already underway

"Most of us have come to terms with the idea that sexbots will be a normal part of our lives in the future. Everything is becoming automized these days and robots are slowly but surely becoming more intelligent and realistic, so it’s not too farfetched to think that they will end up replacing a lot of humans before long."

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Minimoth1906d ago

Ridiculous! A campaign like this will not change anyone's mind.

pressjudge1906d ago

Sexbot industry will be a billion dollar industry. That is what sells. So I don't think anyone can stop the development of these new androids.

donwel1906d ago

Androids? Eh, I dunno man, sex with my phone would just feel weird.

headpress1906d ago

This is how our society will be destroyed.

proudly_X1906d ago

I really don't know how society degenerated to this level. Shame

DarkBlood1906d ago

Hey society is overpopulated as it is this would reduce it greatly hell I know it aint about having kids for some people why risk sexual dieases n all that stuff.

plus consider those with conditions like contagious illness or constant allergys that its almost impossible to be with anyone let alone be interested in someone who gets sick.

all im saying is you have to look at the positive side to it

1906d ago
HxCGamer1906d ago

If anyone was wondering "can people really be this thick?" well... there's ^ your answer.

yezz1906d ago


Your stubbornness scares me..

DarkBlood1906d ago

Yeah well I dont know what this agenda 21 hoopa loop is so I dont know what you think im trying to push here

Army_of_Darkness1906d ago


Yeah because it makes perfect sense that everybody in this world wants to move and live in Texas and battle it out to the death cause we all know there's gonna be plenty of jobs for everyone right?! Get real bro.

For married men across the world that gets it 2-4x a month will suffer no more ;-)

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BlackTar1871906d ago

what's wrong with sex bots? You guys need to get off your high horses there are a lot of positives to a sex bot.


gangsta_red1906d ago

Anyone see that Rick and Morty episode with the sex bot?

Bobafret1906d ago

Who the eff would make a child sex bot anyway?

n4f1906d ago

can tell you that there is a market for that anyway. look at the recent arrest, there are too much that are related with children(jared from subway for example)

Bobafret1906d ago

Ugh, dumb question I suppose, of course there would be a market.

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The story is too old to be commented.