Elon Musk says nuking Mars is the quickest way to make it livable

Elon Musk will stop at nothing to get humans on Mars, even if the way to make it more habitable is to launch a nuclear strike.

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sonicwrecks1902d ago

Nothing new about that theory, it's been debated for years. Intersting that Musk susbcrbes to it though...

Crazyglues1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

Man this is so crazy, I mean wow, because nothing could ever go wrong when you try to drop a nuke on a another planet out in space...

(is it just me or does this have disaster written all over it)

We are headed to a very scary world when the plan for a better earth, is to go to mars and drop nukes on the planet to warm it up, and just hope for the best....

Does anyone else understand that this has never been done before and could have crazy side-effects like the planet let's off toxic dust that leaves the planet and ends up here ripping through the atmosphere

or how about the machines carrying the nuke releases it too early because this is space and Mars is pretty far away, so the missiles release too early and fall back towards our planet hitting the moon... LoL

ok, I could go on and on, but you get the idea, there is just too many things that could go wrong, the effects of that mistake could be far worst then the BP oil spill

MasterD9191901d ago

Destroy to create? Ehhh...not always a good thing.

xer01901d ago

Agreed. For all we know, there may be things of significant scientific interest - that would be lost forever, if nuked.

thorstein1901d ago


So the star that died to bring about our current solar system...wasn't a good thing?

And both stars that created the atoms in your bodies have died and you are now here, again, not a good thing?


DillyDilly1901d ago

For all we know nuking Mars may wake up anything sleeping on that planet & we all end up dead

gangsta_red1901d ago

But isn't Mars core dead? Isn't that why the atmosphere was burnt away by solar winds?

We would need to find a way to ignite the core...maybe we should nuke the core.

SmielmaN1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

I thought it had to do a lot with being frozen because it was too far from the sun? I'll have to look into all this stuff. Bought time ppl started talking about expanding human civilization instead of expanded iPhone features.

gangsta_red1901d ago

Agreed, I wish the hot topic would be trying to look forward far into the future and start building now towards that.

And I am pretty sure that scientists have determined that Mars and Venus are located in the Goldilocks zone in our solar system.

Mars has a very thin atmosphere that doesn't block the sun's radiation and Venus has a runaway green house effect which would kill us instantly.