iPad Pro vs Surface Pro 4 – hybrid dominance

"With the iPad Pro launch, Apple made something strikingly clear: beware Microsoft."

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emilysmithltg1913d ago

The Surface isn't even out yet. Microsoft hasn't even said anything about it. Apple has the obvious advantage here.

Cueil1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

what advantage? The Surface runs a real OS that runs real productivity software that is completely compatible with the mobile software that companies or persons would be running on their phones... Besides the Apple name there is very little reason to choose this over the Surface 3 i7 much less the Surface 4

iamnsuperman1912d ago

I agree. Even though I feel there is no point getting either devices as they do not really serve a purpose (they are highly expensive bits of kits that are not total necessary with normal tablets already out) it would me mad to get the iPad pro version over a surface. I think Apple have really dropped the ball here. If it is going to cost a lot it better do some crazy productive stuff. All they have done is made a huge iPad. It will sell initially but I can't see it doing that well (see Apple Watch)

Revvin1912d ago

What advantage? Samsung have had the Galaxy Tab Note on sale for years and Microsoft has a tab that runs full versions of the office suite rather than cut down Andriod or iOS versions. With MS Office being the standard for business you're always going to be better off using the full versions that will always be the most up to date on a device that's running a full operating system. As much as I love this old iPad I'm typing my reply to you on Apples iPad Pro to me is nothing more than a "me too" to keep up with what others are doing rather than innovating. I'm waiting on the Surface 4 announcement before making up my mind on what tablet to get next.

The_KELRaTH1908d ago

The only possible advantage could have been if the iPAD pro ran under OS X

pressjudge1913d ago

Surface is so around the corner and as we all know even if so many of us including me love Apple products the surface pro has4 has its pluses.

Emme1912d ago

As an artist and designer, I would recomnend the Surface (yes I know designers by default recommend Apple products), as it works with Photishop and Sketchup etc. Maybe the ipad has rhe better display, though.

Chard1912d ago

After seeing the Apple Pencil and the ThinkPad Yoga 460, the Surface Pro 4 better have a rechargeable stylus. AAAA batteries are prehistoric.

headpress1912d ago

Surface Pro 4 got everything a person would want from a tablet and a fully functional PC.

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