LG Unveils Its Double Sided OLED TV And It’s A Bang

LG has unveiled its 111-inch double sided OLED TV. The TV which is first of its kind in the OLED series was introduced at the IFA 2015 trade show in Berlin.

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proudly_X1906d ago

This is one innovation that's really long over due..

fishy11905d ago

Not really, who is going to put a tv in the middle of the room and a couch on each side? And you would be restricted to headphones. Like better written articles say, this is for businesses. Think of places that you see 2 tv's back to back, then you get the idea of what this is going to be marketed for. Look at the wallpaper tv they also Showed. That is whats in the future for us. I think the author of this article is confusing this tv with the one that you can watch 2 shows on the same side from 2 different angles.......