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Canon Just Built A 250 Megapixel Camera Sensor And It’s Not For Selfies

Canon has just built an APS-H camera sensor that comes with an earth shattering 250 million pixels. It’s the first 250 MP sensor in a CMOS with a size less than 35 mm.

proudly_X3009d ago

Mhen, this is a freaking monster..

Imaging cropping out something with this monster 11 miles away and its come without being foggy...

dcbronco3009d ago

Government buys out initial run.

Tzuno3008d ago

it can pierce your skull and take a picture of your brain.

3008d ago

The Nvidia Broadcast app attempts to mimic eye contact with the camera

The Nvidia Broadcast app attempts to mimic eye contact with the camera. Nvidia has updated its video conferencing software, making it the newest business to address the issue of maintaining eye contact during video conferences.

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Amazon Slashes Up To 42% Off On Sony Alpha Mirrorless Cameras

Daily Video Game writes: "If you’re planning on getting a new mirrorless camera, the online Amazon is running a new sale that offers up to 42% off on Sony Alpha mirrorless cameras right now!"

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Due to camera lens quality issue, iPhone 14 production downsides

Ming-Chi Kuo has posted a tweet giving updates about iPhone 14 production. He has currently informed on another snag in the supply chain.

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