Drones need their own version of Asimov's laws of robotics – MEPs

EU aviation agency seeks public opinion on planned UAV laws.

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Somebody1915d ago

These are remotely-controlled vehicles, not autonomous robots, so citing Asimov's Laws of robotics is just being overly dramatic. All they need to do is just update the transportation and aviation laws for these drone pilots.

mike32UK1915d ago

Agreed. Also, for this to be remotely possible the machines need to have some sort of consciousness -- true A.I. Which as we all know, isn't possible yet.

PirosThe4th1915d ago

Unless you been living under a rock. There are tons of unmanned drones used by the military that are actually autonomous.

Somebody1913d ago

They are autonomous when they cruise around or on their way to the target area. It will always be humans-the military commanders and drone operators-who take over when targets appear and orders to kill are given.

It will still be a human being that pushed the missile launch button.

Besides, the article is about drones in civilian settings. Asimov's Law is still not a viable rule since most of these drones are just taking videos or package deliveries. Asimov Law's was something for the autonomous robots to follow themselves so it won't affect some terrorists using remotely controlled drones to bomb buildings.

Plus, I don't think the military wants Asimov's Law to be imposed on their drones that are specifically designed to kill people.