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DirectX12: AMD's Chess Game

Daniel analyzes AMD's DirectX 12 results in comparison with NVIDIA and thinks a chess game has been played that may pay off well for them.

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garwynn3016d ago Show
garwynn3016d ago Show
dcbronco3014d ago

Glad to see this article resubmitted. It easily contains far more substance than the average article on n4g. Really worthwhile read.

stuna13013d ago

Definitely food for thought! AMD stands to dethrone Nvidia at least until they can come up with a reasonable response. Which in all likelihood will take time, and is also a indication as to why Nvidia has been so quiet concerning Benchmark comparisons and why they've tried to discredit Oxide Games Benchmark.

I am far from being as technically adept as some who have a thorough understanding of this, but I think "garwynn's" piece is pretty cut and dry as to the significance of what this means.

dcbronco3013d ago

AMD built with an eye towards the future while NVIDIA pushed bigger is better. Intelligent design won AMD all three consoles and Mantle has pushed APIs in the direction of their designs. Experts have been saying die shrinks are no longer the best way to move power ahead for some time. NVIDIA tried to take the easy way. Hope they haven't spent all of their reserves on payoffs.

cd13013d ago

Good article, well worth a read.

Hopefully DX12 will see AMD get some of that market share back from Nvidia, healthier competition is good for all of us.


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