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Sony Xperia Z5 and Z5 compact images surfaced on the internet [leak]

We got some sneak peek at the upcoming smartphone in Z series, which is going to be unveiled at Sony IFA conference on September 2nd this year. The leaked images were posted by @vizileaks on twitter that features 3 smartphones, including Sony Z5 and Z5 compact (the number '5' is still to be confirmed, as nothing has been revealed about it so far), which is being labelled as "Sony Xperia Z(TBC) and Compact" by the leakster.

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badz1493041d ago

forgive me for asking but have we gotten Z4 already? I only know that there is the Z4 tablet but haven't seen any Z4 phone.

Aratax3041d ago

There's one in Japan but it was released as the Z3+ in western countries. I'd guess that this is the Z5 in Japan and the Z4 for the west.

mike32UK3041d ago (Edited 3041d ago )

I'm sure there is a z4 but its practically indistingushable from the z3. They originally released it as the z3+ in select markets which did nothing for sales so they tried to release it as the z4 in other markets but there weren't enough difference between the two to warrant an upgrade for many

subtenko3041d ago

Man I just want the z5 to innovate and set a trend for sony. Get a following like the Gs6 did.

Do what u did with ps4 sony. I just need sd card, waterproof would be nice and good battery life (if ur not gonna do exchangeable batterys I need 36hr minimum....and 3gb Ram minimum.

Make a cool design too would be nice

digitfreakbot3041d ago

They are experimenting with the near stock Android custom ROM :) I think it will set a new trend.

The_Devil_Hunter3041d ago

Forgive my stupid Ness but what is this Rom you speak of?

subtenko3041d ago

Hunter he probably talking about an experience like cyanogenmod, less bloat, which I guess means less resources used. So they could beef up specs a bit more, but hopefully they still keep battery life in mind cause i dont think sony is known for exchangeable battery's.

ExPresident3041d ago

Really makes it hard to trust Sony when like last year they were talking about not doing such close releases of their phones and already this year we got Z3+ and then they changed that to the Z4 with a Z4v(verizon) variant.

I think their phones look great and I wouldn't mind trying one but their situation as a cell phone company doesn't make it easy to trust what they are doing.

The_Devil_Hunter3041d ago

Their phones are some of the best smartphones out there the only problem is the glass they use on their phones, they need to switch to GG3 instead of a proprietary shatterproof glass.


Tech review: Sony Xperia 5 smartphone |

In a year of excellent flagship smartphones, there is little to fault with Sony Xperia 5

PrimeVinister1484d ago

Can see a market segment for it. Too many phones are massive now.

markkavanagh1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

You are third Irish tech reviewer who I have great respect for that has offered this verdict. I assume you meant can't see a market segment. The flaws (no wireless charging, no headphone jack, no Android 10) I can live with. But if I were to review every phone from the viewpoint of 'are there better phones than this' and then dismiss it on this basis, I would only ever review one phone a year (or maybe two, one IOS and one Android).
I am not taking issue with your view either but it's hardly Sony's fault there are lots of great phones this year. Personally I would recommend OnePlus 7T to anyone I know as for €599 it blows much of the competition out of the water. The camera is much better than it gets credit for. But I'm loving Pixel 4 too and the battery issue is almost irrelevant in my daily routine of work/home but is a consideration if I am going out for the evening or day. Pixel 4 is like Xperia 5 in that many reviewers I enjoy reading such as you say it has no obvious market segment etc
I await your thoughts with interest

PrimeVinister1482d ago

No, I meant there is definitely a place for a high-powered pocket rocket.

The default size now is basically 6.1".
I am enjoying the Pixel 4 more than most because it's so easy to use

PrimeVinister1482d ago

Oh and I don't rate wireless charging. I never use it - it's practically zero effort to plug it in and wired chargers will fill a phone from 0% in 90 minutes. Can easily use my phone while charging.

markkavanagh1481d ago

That will teach me to make assumptions eh? Can you see my blushing face from there? :-)

markkavanagh1481d ago

And great to hear someone else is loving Pixel 4 as I'm a huge fan

PrimeVinister1475d ago

Took me a fortnight to get to love it.

And the battery life does get much better once it starts aggressively turning stuff off automatically.

1478d ago

Sony Xperia L3 review - Some Good, Some Bad But Worth Considering | EliteGamer

Sony Xperia L3 has a lot to offer once you know its limits. 3GB of RAM, a 12-nano chipset and a dual-lens camera are all enticing on their own but are offset by a 720p resolution, unspectacular CPU/GPU power and a flimsy feel.

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ChristianReggieWait1720d ago

An budget handset is a budget handset end of the day!

Telford911720d ago

A solid mid ranger. By far the best value for phones

PrimeVinister1720d ago

Well, a solid budget phone. But €200 is still a few bob.

WeOwnTheNight1719d ago

And then people complain about their phone giving out 6 months later.


Sony Xperia 10 First Impressions - 21:9 is the Real Deal for Media Playback | EliteGamer

With other Android flagships starting to steer towards more unconventional form-factors, Sony try something new while not reinventing the wheel. A 21:9 aspect ratio is designed for super-wide media and on first impressions it's worth what little trade-off there is with a 'long' device.

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TheEffectDotNet1733d ago

Shame about it only being LCD but looks impressive otherwise!

PrimeVinister1733d ago

Had to save a few bob somewhere to keep it mid-range

UltimateOwnage1732d ago

After having my Samsung phones with OLED screens eventually having burn in traces il honestly more inclined to go with a high end LCD these days. I’d be curious to see how it stacks up. Sony usually has top notch LCD panels.

Heavenly King1732d ago

Get the Xperia 1 instead then ;)

Telford911733d ago

Mid range these days are far and away the best value. The point in buying a flagship is decreasing by the day

mcstorm1733d ago

I'm with you on that the only thing the mid range phones don't have at this moment in time is something like Samsung Dex or wp continuum. For me I use them quite a bit but if the mid range phones get this type of os then I'll defo look at a mid range device next time.