Windows 10: Microsoft under attack over privacy

The Guardian: From personalised ads in Solitaire to an address book-reading personal assistant, some users are unhappy with Windows 10’s approach to privacy

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KingPin2623d ago

the data collection is a bit crazy. even if turning everything off im not sure if they still collecting it some other way.

fr0sty2623d ago

Some of the stuff you couldn't even turn off... I can't remember exactly what data collection option it was, but one of them only gave you "Basic, Advanced, Full" options to choose from. I want to say it was usage data collection.

AlphaKennyOne2623d ago

Giving it out for free sounded really sketchy to me so I didn't upgrade. I'm happily running windows 7.

alpha_joe2623d ago (Edited 2623d ago )

I don't really care , I think Windows 10 is awesome.

BTW, I choose the customized installation turning off all information sharing.

Ashlen2623d ago

Honestly, this attitude is why the world sucks.

It's stupid people who don't take the time or aren't smart enough to learn and be educated that screw things up for the rest of us. And I'm not just talking computer software.

alpha_joe2623d ago

First off , there's no need for name calling , I would never refer to someone who has a different opinion as myself as "stupid". I don't really see how me liking a piece of software would "screw things up for you". I'm expressing MY opinion , you obviously feel differently , and I respect that.

The reason I didn't really care about the data collection , if you must know, is because I don't keep sensitive information on my PC , no social media, no address book etc.

If you don't like the update you have 30 days to go back to windows 7. I happen to like the update , again that's only MY opinion.

1nsomniac2623d ago (Edited 2623d ago )

Well said Ashlen not enough people think about what they do or say & the repercussions it then brings for the future of everybody not just them. Unfortunately when politicians & cooperations want to perform dodgy & illegal business practices, these are the people they look to, to make it happen.

GunsAndTheBeast2623d ago

well you may have your opinion. but doesn't make it right either. we as consumers have our rights to have a voice. if we don't want something we have to say it. Just look at xbone when it first came out with all their crappy DRM if people were just gonna say "eh it's okay, if i get locked out of the game thats okay too. i guess i can play it online later"

this is also similar to apple products, they're overpriced and some people only pay them for their brand not for their features or their hardware capabilities.

you see? this is why ashlen said something about 'stupid people'. im not saying youre stupid, but it is hella narrow thought and unwise. don't be enslaved by not having a voice seriously. might as well just let them put cameras in your toilet and say "oh its okay".

alpha_joe2622d ago

I get what you're saying , and to a certain extend I agree with you (Xbox One debacle being a great example). When I said that I didn't care, what i was referring to was this quote from the article "Hundreds of commenters on sites such as Hacker News and Reddit have criticised default settings that send personal information to Microsoft". As I stated earlier I chose the custom settings. I'll concede that I may what chosen my words unwisely in saying that "I didn't care" because I care about my privacy , but I'll take your constructive criticism above Ashlen's personal attacks any day.

Also , this is the internet guys we have to take things with a grain of salt. I mean "Windows 10 sells your search results, it records what you type & what others tell you in emails. It can view your home photos & videos or record from your microphone or webcam without you knowing." that seems a little far fetched to me , but who knows I could all be true. Time will tell.

Bubble for getting your point across in a calm and constructive manner.

redknight802623d ago

You don't do any social media, don't store any pictures or work projects and don't keep any contact information on your computer? No wonder you don't care for data gathering then...but the other 99% of people who do all those things, we are going to care about it.

slate912623d ago

1984 will come to pass not forcefully, but willingly. With masses choosing for more convience at the expense of privacy.

Ashlen2623d ago (Edited 2623d ago )

What they have done should be criminal. Everything should be turned off by default not on.

And on top of that when you do the install and it asked you what you want even if you turn all the options it gives you off TONS more is actually left on, by far more data collection is left on than what is turned off when you select to turn all the things off it allows you too.

And the most worrying thing is the forced updates, which are basically creating the worlds largest bot-net since every PC now basically has the exact same configuration. And if that's not bad enough the system is designed to allow updates to come from sources other than Microsoft (you have the option to have your own PC send updates to other peoples PC's like a torrent system) as soon as people hack and break the protection they will easily be able to send out false updates and viruses through that system.

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