I still don't use anti-virus software. Am I still nuts?

Rick Broida of CNET reveals why he doesn't use anti-virus software.

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KingPin2605d ago

using windows, you need AV software. even if its basic free versions. there are just has too many spyware/malware/viruses out there waiting to infect a windows machine.

if he was on linux, i could understand. however, there are viruses etc that could infect linux machines, the chances of getting one is relatively low compared to that of a windows machine.

but basically if you go to trusted sites, download reputable programs directly from developers sites, always make sure your system is up to date, skip all the cracks/hacks for applications your computer is relatively safe.

monkeyfox2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

Havnt used anti virus software for around 5 years... As long as you are careful it's fine.

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quenomamen2604d ago

Hate on Apple all you want but I've been to the deepest darkest depths of the internet since 1999 and only once have I've been infected.

Software_Lover2604d ago

It has nothing to do with Apple.

DarkBlood2604d ago

I was thinking of Installing norton anti on my new laptop recently but then I figured I better not after being told and figuring out what a resource hog it is on my 6 year pc and probably one of the many reasons why a game Is running slow when it met the specs needed to run it.

needless to say I know what sites not to go too on my laptop and if I need to venture into some unknown site ill go onto my computer first pretty much its a guiena pig at this point lol

Sahil2600d ago

He img used a Mac since 2008, I almost forgot there is a thing called anti-virus to counter stuff like virus, Trojan etc.. Life is so much better with Mac.