Chevy confirms the $30K, 200 mile range Bolt EV has entered testing

There's a lot of anticipation around the little Chevrolet electric car that was unveiled earlier this year. In Detroit this week, we got important updates on its progress.

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Stringerbell2226d ago

30k and a 200 mile range for this?

Or 35k and a 250 mile range for the Tesla.

Not that hard of a decision.

dcbronco2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

I think the model E(screw you Ford) also has about a 200 miles range. But I also think if you asked, Chevy would confirm that according to Tesla's patents Elon Musk definitely knows what he is doing.

BTW, the Model E is several thousand cheaper. And a whole lot more attractive which means the patents don't include assembly instructions. That trash can was the best Chevy could come up with.

Stringerbell2224d ago

Yeah, thats why I like Tesla's. Their cars are easy on the eyes and not these bizarre 'cars of the future' that you would see in cheesy 90's movies.

Sahil2220d ago

Absolutely in love with this car, this is totally my type of car, Sud like to see more hatchbacks in the future.