How NASA Could Explore Jupiter Moon Europa's Ocean

Europa is an ice-covered moon orbiting Jupiter that likely hosts an undergound ocean. Perhaps that ocean contains life. Perhaps it doesn’t. But we’re not going to know for sure until we send a probe there to check things out.


Rolls-Royce knocks small nuclear reactor for moon bases and space travel

Most people still only think of premium cars when they think of Rolls-Royce. The business has begun using its extensive knowledge of nuclear-powered engines for space exploration.

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NASA: Despite lost contact, there is still hope for the $32.7 million Capstone spacecraft

NASA announced Tuesday that a $32.7 million Capstone spacecraft intended to try out a skewed lunar orbit had lost contact, but agency engineers are confident

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NASA is literally going to fling satellites into space

With a giant slingshot. We're not kidding.

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