E3: Probing Alienware's Steam Machine and Steam Controller [Video]

Maximum PC: Valve finally finished tweaking its Steam Controller and certifying is Steam OS, and as a result, official Steam Machines went up for pre-order two weeks ago. Dell, an OEM that's been collaborating with Valve for years, was one of the first to offer a Steam Machine under its acquired Alienware brand, and we got a chance to see one of these systems up close at E3.

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Sahil1797d ago

The biggest issue I see with these machines is price(could build an small form factor pc with twice the power for the same price) and whether the unnamed geforce gpu will be upgradable.

Sahil1797d ago

FYI, the numbers as they stand right now are 5605 Windows games, 1249 SteamOS games.

Only 25% of one game isn't available on Windows but is on SteamOS (Johann Sebastian Joust, part of Sportsfriends)