Samsung’s Tizen Z1 Smartphone Selling Like Hot Cakes In Bangladesh

The buzz surrounding Tizen OS may have come and gone without igniting any spike in the industry, but Samsung is quietly sweeping the mobile market in Bangladesh with its Tizen Z1 smartphone.

According to Counterpoint Research, Samsung Tizen Z1 was the number one selling smartphone in Bangladesh for Q1 2015. One can really understand why the devices are selling like hot cakes in a region that’s amongst the 10 most densely populated in the world.

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proudly_X2344d ago

Too many OS... I just want Windows 10 to succeed. That's all I want.

gamernova2344d ago

You say that like windows 10 needs mobile to succeed. Windows 10 will succeed because of PC alone. Now stack xbox on top and all the smartphones and tablets...You have nothing to worry about. As someone who has tried iOS, Windows, and Android I can tell you that there is a need for the competition.