Fancy a Kingston HyperX Savage 960GB SSD for less than $500?

Ah, Solid State Drives, perhaps the next best upgrade for your PC besides a CPU and GPU. However not always the best for your wallet, am I right? The price per GB is still high and while the prices are dropping, we're still looking at rocket high prices for a large SSD...wait, what's that?

Tiger Direct and Amazon both have a 960GB SSD for less than $500? No way, get out of town, is what you're thinking right now but it's true. Currently up on Tiger Direct's website is the Kingston HyperX Savage 960GB SS for $484.99. Normally the drive retails for $900.00, 48% has been slashed off the price of the drive. Amazon is also selling the drive for under $500.00, however they are selling it for $494.99 and has reduced the drive by 51% as it normally sells for $1,000.00!

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