How To Create Super-Intelligent Machines That Won't Kill Us

In the most recent installment of Marvel's Avengers franchise, the artificial intelligence Ultron is hell-bent on exterminating humanity. In Ultron's own words, "I was designed to save the world," but the robot ultimately concludes that when it comes to humans, "there's only one path to peace: your extinction."

The advances that scientists are now making with artificial intelligence lead many to suggest--and fear--that we may be on the verge of creating artificial intelligences smarter than we are. If humanity does succeed in developing an artificial super-intelligence, how might we prevent an Age of Ultron? That is exactly the kind of problem that Nick Bostrom, director of the Future of Humanity Institute at the University of Oxford, tackled in his 2014 book Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies.

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dcbronco2351d ago

I don't think we can stop a super intelligent robot from killing us off. Or at the very least culling the herd to a very large degree. Unless we never tell it one of it's directives is to protect humanity. An intelligent AI would probably be doing a huge part of child rearing because a 24 hours a day slave labor nanny will eventually seem too expensive unless she's really hot. The AI would have to see that humans are mostly fine initially and become corrupted by society or bad parents. Or ailments. Like ancient Sparta, it would kill the adults and the sickly children and raise the healthy properly without all of our silly hang-ups. It's that or full on Ultron.