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Microsoft Details What Will Happen To Pirated Windows 10 Systems

When the official statement came from Microsoft that all versions of Windows 7 up-to Windows 8.1 will get a free upgrade to Windows 10, it came as a surprise for most of us because Windows 10 appears to a very heavy upgrade over all previous Windows OS.

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proudly_X2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

Now, this is some news that pirates will not like to hear

freshslicepizza2344d ago

awww shucks, i feel so sorry for them

KingPin2343d ago

im no pirate but with the way they've broken every single security measure MS put in to date, im betting they will find a way to get around all this.

dante1392343d ago

I think I already found a way around it. It is simple just do a clean install of the preview and then go from that to the official one. Microsoft would never know if the the other os was pirated or not

Yehshuah2343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

windows 10 preview is not windows 7, 8, nor 8.1. Windows 10 full OS is only free if it is installed on machine with legit 7, 8, or 8.1

trying to install full 10 on preview is like installing 10 on a non windows machine or a vista, xp machine

KingPin2343d ago

the last thing windows 10 preview will get you is RTM version. i have never had an RTM version so i know its about as solid as the final version but im not sure if all updates will be available in future.

i was also giving this some thought, there are ways to make a fake windows legal if you have one legit copy of windows 7. so using that method, they could make various fake copies legal via a pacth, and then upgrade to 10 i guess.

DarkBlood2343d ago

This isnt going to stop them from doing it again In the future, it will be bypass per usual

windblowsagain2343d ago


Windows 10 will be broken in no time, and with no watermark and with access to the store, most likely in a week.

ZeroX98762343d ago

probably with an early leak of the software, the workaround could be out even before the official release date. We all know this won't stop pirated versions of Win10 making it's way online.

Profchaos2343d ago

The store sucked to begin with and who cares about watermarks anyway.

Plus getting a oem license of 7 or 8 is easy and free to near free

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