Apple Is The Greenest Tech Company

Instead of the red blush of a Macintosh, Apple seems to be turning a bright shade of Granny Smith green. This week Greenpeace released their Click Clean report, an analysis of the environmental practices of the largest internet tech companies.

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1nsomniac2353d ago

If your idea of "Green" is by selling products with cheap low power/out of date tech at incredibly inflated prices.

Also ignoring that they have one of the worst human rights violation statistics in modern commercialism.

Have really gone off Apple in the last few years since I've made myself self aware of their business practices.

iTechHeads2353d ago

Compare the iPhone 6 to the Galaxy S6.......the iPhone 6 is far from cheap low power OR out of date. It absolutely kills the Galaxy S6 in terms of real world performance, especially gaming.

Stringerbell2353d ago

Human rights is one thing and I agree that Apple shouldn't be given a free pass ever in those issues. But Greenpeace only looks at the environmental footprint of companies and they've have been one of Apple's biggest critics in the past. In their 2011 report 'How Dirty is your Data?" they gave Apple an F.

SilentNegotiator2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

Greenpeace doesn't measure human rights.

And their products might be overpriced, but they're still more efficient than most. I doubt that you would find yourself happy with the business practices of most computer manufacturers if you actually looked into them.

ngecenk2352d ago

wow, your data to support your statement must be wrong completely.

Apple is just as guilty as other tech company regarding human right. how do you think samsung, dell, hp, acer, can get such low price in the US? by suppressing human right in the third world country. they are equally guilty in this matter, if not, dell computer would cost you a fortune.

just because apple is richer, doesn't mean they are more quilty

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annoyedgamer2353d ago

Are you sure? I had no idea buying cheap child labor from one of the most polluted countries in the world is considered "green" now? Is it because they are building a hipster campus in the woods in CA? Is that it?

SilentNegotiator2353d ago

-Energy Transparency: Scope and level of detail made publicly available on energy consumption of IT infrastructure.
-Renewable Energy Commitment & Infrastructure Siting: Commitment to powering their data centers with renewable energy, including infrastructure siting criteria and investment decisions to increase clean energy use.
-Energy Efficiency & Mitigation Strategy: Strategies and measurable progress to mitigate the demand for dirty energy generated by IT infrastructure.
-Renewable Energy Use & Advocacy: Measurable progress and commitment to renewable energy investments and advocacy for ambitious policies that encourage wide scale renewable energy generation and use.

This has nothing to do with products, factories, worker conditions, etc. Instead of just regurgitating things that Apple haters parrot, try reading the article/report.

MrDead2352d ago

So that's where all the billions in unpaid taxes go.

plmkoh2352d ago

The billions of unpaid taxes go to Ireland and maybe sometimes to the Bermuda Islands.