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Verizon to Buy AOL for $4.4 Billion in Cash

Fifteen years after AOL acquired Time Warner for $165 billion in a bold effort to put entertainment and advertising on the World Wide Web, the company that coined “You’ve got mail” is at it again.

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Rohity2356d ago

It's too bad, i think they buy Aol for it's tech media's like techcrunch,engadget after shutdown of it's new tech site. (i forget name).

Fationably Late2356d ago

Probably not 'cash' though...That would be, like, 12 pallets of $100 bills.

Speed-Racer2356d ago

*sigh* Lol. They're just saying it's not in something less liquid like stocks or bond etc. Cash in a current bank account for instance is technically still cash.