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When it comes to the S Flagship from Samsung, history has always only provided one model, this year there are two flagship models. The Galaxy S6 is an amazing phone and deserves its title as a premium handset. The Galaxy S6 Edge, with is gorgeous curved edge screen manages to somehow make itself more premium than the S6. The S6 is Premium but the S6 Edge is PREMIUM!

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gunnerforlife2358d ago

It's funny I've read so many great reviews about this phone and the original s6 and they all mention the same thing, battery is piss poor and yet they do not take no marks of off it! Sorry but a phone without a good battery is not a good phone at all!

solid_snake36562358d ago

Not to mention no sd card slot, not water proof like the s5, backplate not removable.

eferreira2358d ago

iPhones would get knocked points for no sd and no removable battery but since it's an android device, all these fanboy reviewers still praise this phone.

purebennyc2358d ago

Your comment has no real merit to it, why would an iPhone lose points for not having No SD or Removable battery? iPhone has never done SD or Removable Battery

Nilla_Nate2358d ago

Droid Turbo is better with awesome battery life, along with kevlar back, water resistance and dust resistance.

Rohity2358d ago

what about gold version of s6 edge.

Bathyj2358d ago

No SD card blows. Why are they doing this? How am supposed to give my Apple friends crap now?

Glad I'm sticking with my Note 4 for the next 18 months.