Acer Aspire V17 Nitro review-in-brief: powerful but uninspiring | Gearburn

Gearburn: "Choosing a gaming laptop is a very personal affair, even more so than building a gaming rig. When drawing up specs for a built machine there’s room to breathe with specifications and options. Manufacturers dictate what goes into a gaming laptop, so there’s ultimately more sacrifice involved."

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Stringerbell2357d ago

What a horrible review. Find me a gaming laptop with with a GPU of an 860 /960 minimum that lasts more than four hours. You'll be had pressed to find one. Basically complaining about battery power in a 'gaming laptop' is pointless. Its like me crying foul about my new sports car and its horrible MPG performance. If you want battery power in your laptop get an ultrabook. Also... a 17 inch laptop is 'large and heavy' ya think?