Microsoft confirms there will be no Windows 11

Microsoft says that Windows 10 will be its final release of the iconic operating system that's installed on over 90% of computers.

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UltraNova2355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

You better believe it because the way I see this going is that will be paying 50 bucks (maybe more) for each major update for windows 10.

Want SP1? $50 please! Oh and don't forget, major Windows 10 functionality and security will be limited or not working at all without it :-)

Seriously though I hope they don't plan something like this...

Cernunnos2355d ago

Much more likely that it will become a subscription service, with a set yearly price.

SilentNegotiator2355d ago

Microsoft has already stripped Windows of 90% of the great included software that we had on versions like XP, though, so at least they don't have much to keep from us.

badz1492355d ago

it's like Apple saying there will be no iPhone 7 this year. both are LIES!

JustInTlME2355d ago

Well.....there won't be an iPhone 7 this year. iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus...... That's what will be out this year.

badz1492355d ago

yeah, forgot about the s version

SilentNegotiator2356d ago

Lots of SaaS BS incoming, then...

Soupaman662355d ago

Highly unlikely since it was confirmed it was free months ago.

SilentNegotiator2355d ago

SaaS for software and other "services", though.

Soupaman662355d ago

Saas-Software as a service.

If you are talking about the operating system, that's false. What SaaS are you talking about? what other services are you thinking of would be probable to implement into a free OS?

The reason I see that ther wont be another windows is that its not as profitable as before. Computer sales are going down and thats where the majority of income come in. Therefore, they make it free, allowing pc buyers and others to switch over without a paywall. With that many users, they can promote the app store or other services already out like office 365 or that rumored windows 365 which would most likely be some sort of remote application like teamviewer.

So what SaaS BS are you talking about?

SilentNegotiator2355d ago

I didn't think that I was being unclear with my second comment, but no, not talking about the OS itself.

Microsoft receives a grand total of zero benefit from making their OS free and not changing some part of their model; anyone that needs Office 365 probably already has windows or is at least acclimated with Windows and will continue to use windows. They already have 90% of the computer OS market. The OS is NOT the barrier that's making people not buy so many computers; it's the fact that the vast majority of people can do everything that they need and/or want with a cell phone now.

I'm betting that they will further strip features and included software (compare XP to 8; it's embarrassing how much included software they scrapped or ruined (like WMM)) and have some programs...sorry, "services" that run entirely on your own computer, except for the key sell to us.

Soupaman662355d ago

Yes they have the majority of consumers but not on the exact same OS. Still there are more than half of desktop users on windows 7. I brought up office/windows 365 for the people switching TO windows. Now, the point I was making was that they needed those users so that they can promote software that works better with that OS. Windows 8 and 10 allow apps from the store. 7 does not. If they want a good profit from the store, they need to get those windows 7 users over to 10.

Now about that software removal, can you be more specific? Features removed and sold back are most likely able to be replaced by third party software. They aren't the best in developing applications, believe it or not. Therefore, if a software isn't used a lot by the users and it would cost money/time to work on updating the program, its common sense to just scrap it or use someone's else;s software to replace it. A feature being old/bad means that in comparison to other software, its not as good/up-to-date, so already people are going to download that to replace it(example: internet explorer, wmp, defender).Unless what your'e talking about is something big and no other third party software compares. What kind of feature would that be? Elaborate or give some sources on how doing something like that would be reasonable action that they would take knowing that doing a dlc kind of operating system is going to hurt them in the long run due to the fact that users would know not to update if an important feature wont be there or be influenced not to update if other users flame hate on it(windows 8).

dcbronco2355d ago

Microsoft has mentioned in the past that 10 would be the last and monthly updates would be the norm going forward. They are moving toward a subscription service. Office 365 is the future of Windows. Xbox One should still get the updates free. But you do have to wonder if it will require Live.

mcstorm2355d ago

You wont require Live gold to get the update on the xbox one as silver gets the updates too it will just need to be connected to the internet.

What people are forgetting about Windows is most of the money comes from new pc's not upgrades so they are looking to make the money from there. Plus Microsoft are moving onto becoming a cloud 1st company so services like 365 and azure. Plus other services like Skype, SharePoint, Xbox Music as well as Xbox live ect.

dcbronco2355d ago

But that is my point. Xbox One will be running Windows. With Office and just about everything else that goes with that. As Windows and Office get updates through Office 365, how do you get people to buy into 365 if an Xbox gets you consistent updates for free. While I believe you will get updates relevant to strictly gaming, the rest will require Live or 365.

mcstorm2355d ago

@dcbronco the xbox one will not be running full windows 10 it will be a cut down version of it that is used to help port Apps across to the console from pc/tablet/phone.

So you wont be able to access off on the xbox one or use it like a pc. It will just be a gaming console. The xbox one is made up of 3 os's. Hyper-V Windows 8 and the xbox one software. All that will happen is the windows 8 will be replaced by Windows 10 and you wont see much difference in the way the dash ect looks but this will evolve over time.

Plus the xbox one is a games console which receives updates to improve the console through out its life just like Microsoft did with the 360. Updates only need an internet connection just like game updates bt the multi player side will be where gold is sold as well as adding free games like we see now and discounts.

ChrisW2355d ago

When talking about the far future, rarely does 'what works on paper - works in practice' is actually realized.

IMO, The consumer will have the final say about Win11 and succeeding numerals.