Oculus Rift price will be affordable, consumer version arrives in 2016

Wearable tech is beginning to take off, but for now it’s only the device you strap on your wrist. Glass wasn’t a hit and is in revamp mode, and Oculus was sold to Facebook. That said, Oculus made an announcement involving the Oculus Rift release date, and they’ve shed a little light on the upcoming consumer version of the VR headset.

We’ve seen a lot of mobile VR setups appear over the past year, but Oculus was the one that got us all excited. Like many gadgets, it was a bit ahead of its time and the device has been in the development phase for some time. After Facebook purchased the Rift, folks were curious as to whether it would alter the Oculus Rift price or release date. Well, we can now answer one of those questions.

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