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Europe Will Abolish Geo-Blocking and Other Copyright Restrictions

The European Commission adopted a new Digital Single Market Strategy today, which aims to improve consumer access to digital services and goods. Among other things, Europe vows to end geo-blocking and lift other unwarranted copyright restrictions.

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Stringerbell2355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

I wrote this before but I remember growing up during the dark ages of trying to follow X country's content while living in Y country (Ligue 1 football). Watching pirated streams in sub 240p quality with the audio cutting out every five seconds.

And before the internet it was having friends and relatives send 50hz PAL VHS tapes of last weeks match to us and then playing that on our dual VHS player and the color and quality was never right due to the conversion.

Now I get to watch my beloved Marseille in glorious HD- in French, English, Arabic whatever language I want! Screw geo-blocking!