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European court: Skype's name too similar to Britain's Sky broadcasting

Microsoft has lost another round in its battle to use the name Skype with the British Sky Broadcasting Group.

A European court ruled Tuesday that Microsoft cannot trademark Skype, its popular Internet-calling service, in Europe because its name and logo is too similar to the longtime British broadcasting company.

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SnakeCQC2356d ago

Its nowhere near similar lol

N0TaB0T2356d ago

The only thing Skype is guilty of is getting worse.

Yehshuah2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

sky takes everyone to court. "skydrive" too similar. skype too similar. nissan skyline too similar british ugly teeth too similar ..

Software_Lover2356d ago

Why didn't Skype have these problems when they weren't owned by Microsoft?

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