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Microsoft Mocks Google's Android Update Policy, Hints Better Update Plans For Windows 10 Devices

Microsoft has taken a jab at Google, questioning the update philosophy of Android OS. Windows chief, Terry Myerson dropped the punch-line against Google Android update policy that got everyone's laughing at the Ignite 2015 event.

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proudly_X2358d ago

I am just loving MS everyday.. Microsoft getting all their acts together, just almost simultaneously

blacktiger2357d ago

Make no sense 90% Windows phone can't be update. So what are they talking about.

KingPin2358d ago

MS is killing it.

making all the right moves.

something tells me MS is getting its groove back.

proudly_X2358d ago

Absolutely buddy.. Finally I can acquire a Lumia phone..

2357d ago
subtenko2357d ago

M$ is improving, they have a ways to go still. Better than nothing

annoyedgamer2357d ago

Just let the product do the talking. Things are improving but there is still alot of work to be done.

blacktiger2357d ago

Windows phone been so low for too long and most of the times it can not updated leaving majority with old os. Either way we'll see what they have rather than talk is what they been doing for while.

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