Microsoft Edge Browser Will Rival Chrome With Extension Compatibility

Its official, Internet Explorer has been killed by Microsoft and replaced with the Edge browser.

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proudly_X2363d ago

I really love the new dimension and business strategy of Microsoft. This is the perfect change that Microsoft needed, thanks to Satya Nadella.. Steve Ballmer wouldn't have had enough steel balls to see this through.. IMO

KingPin2363d ago

it seems like MS is finally seeing what people want instead of telling people what they need.

i must admit, thanks to MS i tried linux. i went from gentoo, ubuntu and finally settled on mint. if it wasnt for windows 8, i wouldve missed out on something great.

from now on i cant see a machine without linux. both have advantages over one another.

proudly_X2363d ago

You couldn't have said any less better. Microsoft has left the Apple syndrome, when they force their ideas on people. The backlash they got from Windows 8 was the turning point.

Apple have been a little flexible, lately... after they decided to make the iPhone 6 have bigger display which was the most requested feature from its fans. If Jobs was still alive, that may not have happened, because the legend always have other plabs.

N0TaB0T2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

"Apple have been a little flexible, lately..."


zoks3102362d ago

Actually looking forward to it.