A new logo for Windows new browser revealed by Microsoft

Overall, this is a pretty good rebranding, as it shows some consistency and will not get the user lost.

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OmegaShen2362d ago

Not really new, just change alittle.

Cueil2362d ago

does this really help web developers I was talking to a guy who STILL test against old IE browsers...

wannabe gamer2362d ago

it will once they force everyone off of win 7 like they did xp and then the old/current IE will be unsupported and they can just shrug their shoulders at all the problems this causes

Cueil2362d ago

he was still testing for IE7 and had just stopped testing for IE6 a few months before... I know some sites don't even test for 9 only for 10 and 11 right now.

Speed-Racer2362d ago

The furthest I test for is IE8 now. 7 and 6 are way too complicated to work with given how fast HTML5 and CSS3 is progressing.

xer02361d ago

That's normal.. especially when developing for financial institutions., or retail outlets with ancient kiosk hardware/software.

Cueil2361d ago

that's more focused no? In Enterprise you generally use just one browser no?

xer02361d ago

Last year i delivered a responsive site for a global bank, and the year before that.., a telecom company.

IE8 was the lowest target for the bank. IE6 was the lowest target for the telecom company.

The general rule of thumb, is to make the site useable, without the bells and whistles. But sometimes, you'll have to go the distance by using polyfills etc. to please the client.

Lately, I've seen a massive shift in the enterprise - to Chrome.

wannabe gamer2362d ago

wow this really needed its own story