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Grooveshark Has Been Shut Down

In a message posted to the official site, Grooveshark has expressed contrition over the way it conducted its business, says it's settled with major record companies, and recommends users go to other services like Spotify or Beats Music.

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Stringerbell2361d ago

Wow. The pending lawsuits proved to be too much. RIP Grooveshark =/

freshslicepizza2361d ago

why would they think they could offer a service without securing the rights?

Peekayboo2361d ago

Just like any other sites that allows users to upload content they're covered under the DMCA and just had to remove reported content. Pretty much any online hosting site works this way.

Tapani2360d ago

So why did it get shut down, then?

freshslicepizza2360d ago

those sites usually just offer a means to host files that its users share, wasn't this site offering the files themselves?