Demonoid Blocks Adblock Users – Fair or Fail?

Demonoid, once one of the Internet's most popular torrent sites, is now barring users who try to visit the site with advert blocking software Adblock installed. The move raises some interesting questions, not least the value of revenue to torrent sites and the intricacies of whether or not content really should be 'free'.

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Soldierone2367d ago

Stop with the invasive ads then.... I had ad-block off for an entire day not too long ago and it was seriously the most annoying experience ever. Click on a news article then have to close 5 pop-ups, sliding ads, flashing ads.... etc... then as you are reading, more pop up or you can't put your mouse over certain words.

With sites like Demonoid they trick you and put a stupid "download now" ad right next to the actual download button.

I'm fine whitelisting sites like this (N4G, Techspy etc) because I come here all the time and want to support it, but when your site is basically 90 percent ads then no. Find new ways to advertise, get better partnerships or something, I dunno. The era of 90's style ads is out dated now.

KingPin2367d ago

thats fine. im sure people will just find another site to use to download torrents. much like how the pirates bring up torrent sites when they brought down. everyone just moves along to the next one.

PS - adblock is part of my windows security along with antivirus and firewall. if i was using linux mint like before, itd be a different story.

Dasteru2367d ago (Edited 2367d ago )

Well i just checked and it isn't blocking me. I'm using Firefox 37.0.2 in private browsing mode with Adblock Plus & the Popup blocker addon, NoScript, Ghostery, Disconnect, HTTPEverywhere, Peerblock with practically every additional list available, ZoneAlarm Antivirus+Firewall, Spybot 1.62 & MBAE. All settings on everything are maxed.

kingPoS2367d ago (Edited 2367d ago )

You must have a beast of a rig, if I tried near as many adon's, I'd be bleeding ram from my 2008 laptop. lol

thorstein2367d ago

I'm not blocked, however, to quote their site: "affiliates such as BTGuard owes us a lot of money"

How is this the user's problem?

If these guys don't know how to make money on the internet without popups then they might need to go take a comp sci 101 class.

Embedding ads is easy and cheap but aren't annoying to users.