Company breaks open Apple Watch to discover what it says is 'planned obsolescence'

"Tech repair and upgrade website iFixit has claimed that the Apple Watch won’t be a long term option for those hoping to continually upgrade their device."

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-Gespenst-2374d ago

Technology + Capitalism = Planned obsolescence.

SilentNegotiator2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

Well, if you're going to create something super mobile, you have to create tiny, very intertwined pieces. And at the break neck pace that technology advances these days, it's going to become obsolete quickly no matter what you do.

Gondee2374d ago

Since when have we been able to upgrade any mobile products from any manufacturer? Guess Ifixit needs its share of clickbait too

Speed-Racer2374d ago

My guess is that they were trying to comment on how difficult it is to repair should something go wrong. From the looks of it, if anything goes bad, you might have to throw your watch in the garbage if it's not covered within the warranty period or what qualifies for a free replacement.

franwex2374d ago

I'm sure the targeted consumer is aware of this; otherwise they can just buy a regular watch.