Navy researchers make bulletproof glass out of clay

The US Naval Research Laboratory announced a major breakthrough in materials science on Thursday. After decades of research and development, the NRL has created a transparent, bulletproof material that can be molded into virtually any shape.

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dota2champion2371d ago

Can't wait when they use this glass for smartphones; bullet proof smartphones, I like the sound of that :)

iliimaster2370d ago

what about super soakers ? that would ruin a phone without water proof

ZoyosJD2370d ago

The question is "does it realistically protect against the kinds of weapons seen in the war zone?"

dota2champion2370d ago

If by weapons, you mean Rocket Launcher, Tank Shells, and Bazooka, then no

ZoyosJD2370d ago

Obviously, but I meant more along the lines of what it can handle, ex: .22 long rifle, 39 mm, 45 mm NATO, .300 Winchester, .50 BMG.