Bring Your Loved Ones Back from the Dead With Oculus VR

TechFrag - A Technology has brought a way to see their loved ones once again. A new VR project called Elysium is being worked on by Paranormal Games, details of which are limited but the idea is to create a character based on your friends and family in VR, who you can chat and communicate with.

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dota2champion2376d ago

But how would they get the personality of the love one right? This project will be abandon soon

MarkAnthonyOnline2374d ago

Although a concept that could be great, it will never work correctly.

Stringerbell2374d ago

James Randi on his critique of psychics said:

'Psychologists tell us this keeps the grieving stuck in their grief, rather than going through the natural stages of acceptance that are healthy.'

I think its kind of the same thing here.

NecotheSergal2374d ago

This doesn't sound healthy at all.

And precisely what @Stringerbell said. I'm majoring in Psyche - Not an official Psychologist clearly, but of the programs I have taken thus far, what was said is 100% accurate.

It reminds me also of Thane from Mass Effect 2, his species could relive every memory as if they're happening and the problem with him and his kind would be of those who escape into the illusions of his memories and escape reality. It's never healthy.