G.Skill Boasts Fastest 128GB DDR4 Memory Kit at 2,800MHz

Maximum PC: Well, it's about time! We know what you're thinking, "I'll jump on the DDR4 memory bandwagon and overhaul my rig as soon as a company comes out with a 128GB kit capable of running at 2,800MHz, and not a moment sooner!" We all pretty much share the same sentiment, right? Probably not, but for the 1 percenters out there who've been waiting for precisely such a kit, G.Skill has your back (and your wallet). G.Skill has just announced the world's only 128GB DDR4-2800 memory kit, which consists of eight 16GB modules.

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Tzuno2370d ago

Donate a kidney to buy this ram...

Sahil2364d ago

They had to be using a Xeon. Consumer socket 2011 chips (v2 or 3) top out at 64GB; I know this as I was surprised they did not up it any going from V2 to V3 chips. I Got my 8 sticks of 8GB DDR3 for ~$600.