Autism not linked to measles vaccine, according to study of 95,000 children

A new paper published in the Journal of the American Medical Association studying 95,727 children concluded that without a doubt, there was no link between Autism and the MMR vaccine, but will that be enough evidence to get everyone back on the right track?

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8832375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

And sadly, the folks who don't vaccinate and who hate real research as well as actual science just won't care. They'll just ignore it or call it a conspiracy while their children and society suffer from their ignorance...

Stringerbell2375d ago

Pretty much. These studies dont lie and the consequence of ignoring them are quite real...


Kurylo3d2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

This is why people arent vaccinating. Because they still have vaccines on teh market with mercury... the 2nd most toxic substnace to the human body next to plutonium.

Dont drink the coolaid just cause the media wants to tell you vaccines are fine. Vaccines are HUGE MONEY. Its like the oil industry saying there is no global warming... or when they had the oil spill saying it was going to be 1/10th of the horror that it is now... its literally 10x worst then their prediction.

Vaccines are great if you have the bubonic plague... They are also pointless in some cases.. like the flu vaccine.. that doesnt actually protect against the current flu out there... only forms of the flu that dont even occur anymore lol.. Yet people think they are getting safer.

Dental industry also tried to claim mercury in filligns was fine.. of course now they are phasing it out quietly lol.

cha ching $$$

sonic9892375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

keep believing this so called science studies .
in a world full of lairs what makes so sure that we arent being run by a mafia .
believe what you want there are people who like to think i dont let others think for me , next thing they might say is drinking water is harmful drink alcohol instead it will increase your life ( according to a scientific studies lol )
the problem is people can be led very easily just like sheep exactly just put some money and media and some big phrases and poof you can make a fox look as innocent as a goat .

8832374d ago

Ignoring science will yield an intelligent outcome similar to what one might rightly anticipate from sheep. The responses attacking the study are exactly what was readily predictable at the beginning of the thread.

As someone who works in healthcare and is trained to conduct (quality) research I can tell you that while there is money involved in almost everything, MMR vaccination is not some dangerous conspiracy. The vast majority of people who are choosing to avoid it are not doing anyone (this side of ISIL) any favors.

Kurulo3d: I'm sorry, my peers will not change their educated minds (nor will I) to allow me to save the world with the high level research findings sourced via the golden halls of learning known as YouTube. As a side --- amalgam filling material in the dental community is not being phased out because of the mercury as you asserted. Amalgam is being replaced with composite restorations due to a higher profit margin associated with a majority of patients preferring aesthetically pleasing "tooth colored" filling material. How many patients (as a percentage) do you believe will choose the silver/black looking filling over the natural white? Incidentally BPA free dental materials are not replacing standard materials in any major way either.

It is good to think for one's self. It is critical! BUT, if we disregard science because we didn't personally conduct the study or we simply do not understand what components qualify/disqualify a particular study as noteworthy, we are going to pay a steep price.

ChrisW2375d ago

I looked at the chances of a vaccine causing harm to my children and weighted them against the harm if they survive the diseases they might contract if they weren't vaccinated...

Despite wonder if there really was a risk, I vaccinated my children anyway!

Speed-Racer2375d ago

This is excellent news, as a reinforcing factor of course. Hopefully those crazy anti vaxxers get in line now.

Kurylo3d2375d ago

What if they aren't crazy. What if dare i say it.. you have been lied to. I know crazy right... someone profitting at a large scale and not worrying about a small fraction that might get sick cause it cant get pinned back on them.

Its sort of like bush saying they are weapons of mass destruction and the rest of us beleiving it so we can start a war thinking were doing good.. only to look back on it 10 years from now nad curse his name.

Dental industry also tried to claim mercury in filligns was fine.. of course now they are phasing it out quietly lol.

Stringerbell2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

You haven't been lied to. Once upon a time mumps, measles, chicken-pox, rubella, and polio were something to be feared when raising young children. These diseases are all but a thing of the past not because these afflictions decided to play nice and call it quits.

And as for your mercury claims...

'The myth that mercury in the thimerosal preservative commonly used in vaccines in the U.S. until early 2002 was a major cause of autism is simply the most recent bogeyman used to try to argue that vaccines do more harm than good, as was the scare campaign engineered in response to Andrew Wakefield’s poor science claiming a link between the MMR vaccine and autism. Now that study after study have failed to find or corroborate a link between thimerosal in vaccines or vaccines in general and autism to the point where even the most zealous of zealots are having a hard time defending the claim that mercury in vaccines cause autism.'

Source: https://www.sciencebasedmed...

Here another debunking of that myth:

Single dose-shots of the flu vaccine and the flu vaccine nasal sprays do not contain any mercury compounds. The multi-dose flu shot does contain a preservative called thimerosal, which breaks down into 49% ethylmercury and used to prevent bacterial contamination of the vaccine container. Ethylmercury, as I’ve discussed before, is processed differently by the body than methylmercury, the neurotoxin that can build up in the body and is found in fish. (Keep in mind the difference a letter can make in chemistry: methanol is anti-freeze while ethanol is a Chardonnay.) Ethylmercury is made of larger molecules that cannot enter the brain and exits the body within a week.

There is no danger in receiving a vaccine with thimerosal – they’re given all over the world and it’s been extensively studied, even for cumulative effects on children over several years. And, keep in mind, if you’re just one of those paranoid types, you can easily request and get a flu shot without the preservative.

Of course I would love to read some peer reviewed articles / excerpts that state otherwise provided you have any...

Kurylo3d2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

I dont need a flu shot. My immune system works. Not to mention like i said... it doesnt even stop the current versions of the flu that go around. lol. No one disputes that vaccines can help against diseases. The problem lies in what goes in them. And if you think mercury given to an infant is ok.. you got problems.

As for todays vaccines.. who knows.. i dont want em because i dont need em. Why risk something that you do not need. Again not a necessity.

Lets say for arguments sake vaccines are harmless. But then you got human error. like the one polio vaccine that was contaminated with the SV40 virus. For those who dont know.. the sv40 virus causes cancer.And this isnt nonsense. The CDC posted to their own website that this happened!!!! 98 million americans got the tained vaccine.

Now this was a long time ago. But it took them decades just to admit that it happened. Whose to say it wont happen again. Why get something you dont need with all these risks associated.

Fun fact: The CDC took down the post on their website after it went viral online. Why would you do that if you aren't hiding potential dangers of vaccines.

franwex2374d ago

Wow, some of the people here...
Well this is called in science "natural selection."
It just sucks that the dumb ones who do not get vaccinated will have to get treatment if they get sick, raise the price of healthcare, and probably believe later that they were trying to be killed of for revealing the truth!

Kurylo3d2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

the 90 million people who caught a virus that causes cancer.. most of them dead of cancer now... say hi.... caused by a vaccine contaminated with the sv40 virus.

This isnt a myth. The center of disease control acknowledged it on their own website. They quickly took that information down after the link went viral online. lol. Hurts the wallets of pharmeceutical companies if people dont want vaccines.

If you want to get vaccinated for things that are treatable and not permanent.. go right ahead.. your choice. But if something bad happens you got yourself to blame.

You would think that 90 million people is reason enough to be a little skeptical... just a little... of vaccines in general. Espeacially when there are in fact doctors that speak out against them and scientists who if they do not rule in favor of the vaccine are discredited and fired.. its happened a lot. Cant stand in the way of progress.. or money. If you question something... your given the boot.

Were not talkn about taking the risk of vaccine to stop a great disease... were talkn about vaccines for stuff u really dont need em for.

Kurylo3d2374d ago

Also fun fact, if were talking about measles.. Measles go away on their own in 7-10 days without ANY treatment. Do you really need a vaccine for that?

8832374d ago

Where did you attend medical school? Where did you learn about longitudinal studies, meta-analysis, systematic research, correct sampling method, sample controls, etc? I need to make this quick but there is a good bit to be said so you'll forgive any errors.

Listen, I do not want to attack. I have no money invested in this horse. I am however professionally familiar with these matters. I am saying this out of concern for society and each person's choice (individual choice does matter). Please listen. You have been lied to or at best, mislead. People want answers to suffering and the illusion is that it helps to point fingers. The illusion. The type of reasoning and misunderstanding present in your posts and pertaining to some significant components necessary in evaluating science and research is what has to be changed or things get really scary going forward.

Regarding you comments about measles (and these are NOT for persuasion -- they are just numbers for those interested):

"Measles is a highly contagious, serious disease caused by a virus. In 1980, before widespread vaccination, measles caused an estimated 2.6 million deaths each year.

The disease remains one of the leading causes of death among young children globally, despite the availability of a safe and effective vaccine. Approximately 145 700 people died from measles in 2013 – mostly children under the age of 5."

This is sourced from the World Health Organization. I'll reiterated and then I suppose let this one be... Where the MMR vaccine is concerned, there is virtually no reliable, high quality evidence that should leave even a gambler with much doubt that avoiding it is doing far more harm than using it.

Thank you for being passionate.