Your iPhones and iPads can be Disabled Using Only Wi-Fi

With new research conducted in security vulnerabilities with iOS – the operating system behind the iPhone, iPod and iPad, your mobile device could be stuck in a broken state simply for walking into a Wi-Fi service area.

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Jacktrauma2373d ago

O.o well that sucks. You'd think they woulda figured that one out sooner.

Stevefantisy2373d ago

Of course all the iheads will be like "we knew about this way before you"

Magnus7012373d ago

Your iProducts can be hacked with HTML5 exploit

JoeIsMad2373d ago

It's sad that this is true, given the reputation for security that Apple has on its PCs.

Magnus7012372d ago

I wouldn't say that Apple ever had really good security on their products. In the past, the main deterrent for would-be hackers was that fact that the Apple install base was so small. IMB and Microsoft were essentially in 90% of the computer market and there was no point in making a virus for such a small share compared to other PC's.

Now, mobile devices with Android and Apple are a big target. And since Apple has seen gains in the desktop environment, they have more people willing to find exploits in their systems.