Hackers gaining upper hand, security conference told

Hackers and cyber-thieves are outmaneuvering the cybersecurity industry, which is stuck in a "Dark Ages" mindset, a major security conference was told Tuesday.

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ZoyosJD2049d ago

They always have had the upper hand.

They have nothing to loose and are very willing to share techniques and information in juxtaposition to security firms.

freshslicepizza2049d ago

isn't it the same rule of thumb with criminals? they have no rules to abide by unlike the law. how do you catch online hackers if we are so protective of our privacy?

ZoyosJD2049d ago

Pretty much, and if someone is caught hacking in the first place they were simply trying something out of their league. Most attacks are so impossible to trace that a traceable one would probably be thrown out as a fake anyway.

Sahil2042d ago

Hackers are such hipsters!