Google's wireless service expected to launch soon

Google has been readying its own wireless service for smartphones, and it could launch in the US as early as Wednesday.

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Sahil2035d ago

Are they going to charge for WiFi data use, from the wording they might:

"When users are on Wi-Fi, their phone calls and other data would use that connection. When not on a Wi-Fi signal, customers would use common cellular radio signals, which are more costly."

neoragex2035d ago

I've been very critical of Google generally. However, when I read that they are initiating only paying for the data you use, then I say hooray. Good for them. This will be a win for the consumers. The greed from the "other guys" is worse than the Google in this instance. Enough ripping off consumers for our mobile devices. Thank the Google.

neoragex2035d ago

It's the same as republic wireless