Reflecting on Nine Years Writing for Maximum PC

Maximum PC: Wow, has it been nine years already? Happily (or sadly, to some of my critics), this isn't another article bidding Maximum PC readers a fond farewell—we've had too many of those over the past several years. Instead, it's a "thank you" note to those of you who've stuck around to justify my continued presence, a re-introduction for newer readers and anyone else who missed my first one eight years ago this month, a reflection on my time at Maximum PC and technology in general since contributing my first articles to the magazine nine years ago (reviews of the Wolfking Timber Wolf and Ideazon Merc keyboards), and commentary on where I think things are headed.

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Sahil2042d ago

Nice article Paul, I haven't been around as long as latios but I've grown very fond of maxpc in the 3 years I've been commenting. I always enjoy reading your articles, they are frequent during the week and it gives me a reason to check the home page a few times a day.