Samsung To Help Qualcomm Build Next-gen Snapdragon 820 Chip

Qualcomm has reportedly dumped Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company TSMC and solicited support from Samsung in building it’s next-gen Snapdragon 820 chip

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proudly_X2051d ago

If this is true, then we can really see a dramatic push on mobile gaming next year.

ZoyosJD2051d ago

The real story here is Samsung's continued increasing influence over the entire realm of mobile.

proudly_X2050d ago

You are absolutely right, considering the fact that Apple has reportedly contracted the A9 chip to Samsung as well. This is mobile dominance... I feel so terrible for Sony.. :(

nirwanda2050d ago

Can't believe the amount of times that apple have sued Samsung for various things that they even talk never mind work together.

Jrmy842050d ago

Their chips are garbage compared to Nvidia's K1 and X1 chips.

nirwanda2050d ago

Great for tablets with larger batteries not great for the confined space of a phone with a smaller battery.