Pancreatic cancer breakthrough: Scientists turn cancer cells into normal cells

A new research study has shown that pancreatic cancer cells can be coaxed to revert back toward normal cells by introducing a protein called E47. E47 binds to specific DNA sequences and controls genes involved in growth and differentiation. The research provides hope for a new treatment approach for the more than 40,000 people who die from the disease each year in the United States.

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PCGamingNoobs2044d ago

these progressions are getting more frequent, nothing but good news.

donwel2044d ago

Agreed, this is fantastic news and it just shows how far medical science is coming along nowadays.

NecotheSergal2043d ago

Never halt the progress of SCIENNNNCE!

ZoyosJD2044d ago

It's a long agonizing process to make any progress in each and every cell type. These advancements seem more frequent because work has been done on subjects that they are finally getting to the point to bear fruit.

It will still take years for these advancement to become standardized and mainstream.

ajax172043d ago

Awesome! This is great, especially since pancreatic cancer is an exceptionally bad type of cancer.

S2Killinit2043d ago

I wonder if we are going to defeat cancer in my lifetime. This is really good news.

sonic9892043d ago

eat fresh farm vegetables and stay away from processed super market stuff and you shall be fine .
i dont know but we keep hearing those news like monthly since like 10 years ago and nothing happens ( a troll my guess ) .

ZoyosJD2043d ago

If you look at the survival rates and time frames for various cancers, they have gone up significantly over the years. Percentages are literally thousands of people. Don't take those numbers for granted.

Cancer is a genetic sequencing replication error. Controlled food or not, everyone is at risk, although I agree with the sentiment whatever the exact implications may be.

sonic9892043d ago

the reason behind those killer illnesses is ( and we hate to admit it even though its obvious ) our interference with natural processes like food creation and wireless devices plus many other factors everyone is indeed at risk thanks to our poorly observed technological advances .
we dont have major thinkers ( like da vinci for example ) nowadays just rountine workers and routine thinkers engineering being isolated from medicine and medicine is the same way .
everything is isolated from the other thats why it became havoc now.
everything is connected any person with common sense would know that .

Petro2043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )

Unfortunately cancer has existed way before humans even walked on land, and affects animals too, it is as natural as a natural disease can be. And anyway average life span of a human is getting higher and higher, so we must be doing some things right.

sonic9892043d ago

sorry just thought i shall tell you .
the life span is the same people 1400 years ago used to like 80 to 90 years of age especially in my region .
village people enjoy better life and better health they dont get vaccinated or anything .
i kid you not i swear some of them are so strong that even a needle struggles to go inside their skin i swear .
we must be doing a lot of wrongs while not realizing and its your life i appreciate your civilized way of responding and thank you

kagon012043d ago

The ones that are in control of the pharmacies will prevent this knowledge to spread. Sick people = lots of money...