AdBlock Plus: all you need to know as a user, and publisher

Charlotte conducted an insightful interview with AdBlock Plus and Eyeo CTO TIll Faida and media representative Ben Williams about AdBlock Plus, about the Acceptable Ads program, about the next big thing and about a healthy online advertising ecosystem.

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Minimoth2186d ago

Pretty interesting stuff here.

charlottebanks2186d ago

Fun people result in good stuff! Props to ABP.

ZoyosJD2186d ago

Glad to see someone looked into this so thoroughly. There is definitely some good information in your interview. I'm sure it will be useful for the content creators out there.

charlottebanks2184d ago

@ZoyosJD Thank you! I'm glad you see some value in it!

freshslicepizza2186d ago

most people will prefer free over paid so if there is a free option they will take it even if it means ads. however if another free option is to remove or block ads they will choose this path as well. most people don't care about the source receiving revenue, sad but true. they will only care if that source closes down but then that free user will just look somewhere else.

the only real way to counter this is to charge for removing the ads so that the user then has to choose whether to pay to remove them or put up with the ads. an app like adblock will then be required to use part of that revenue to go back to the sources of those ads who pay to have their advertising up.

charlottebanks2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

That's exactly what ADB is trying to do, honestly. They do have an acceptable ads button that you can activate, and they only allow ads that won't hurt your viewing experience. I'v tried it out, and they are actually ads that don't annoy, I don't even notice them most of the time because they're not in front of the content and don't hinder the user experience at all. And it's free to either have these acceptable ads or not to have them at all and be completely ad-free. Raising awareness was the point of this interview, because the amount of free content will shrink down noticeably if everyone blocks all the ads. On the other hand, free content and a balance will be seen if users and publishers adopt the ABP standards. Their criteria for an acceptable ad are pretty damn good.