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A Biological Revolution Enabling Humans To Experience Everlasting Youthfulness Is Coming

"It is likely the first person who will live to be 1,000 years old is already alive today. This is according to a growing regiment of researchers who believe a biological revolution enabling humans to experience everlasting youthfulness is just around the corner."

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purebennyc2055d ago

Interesting stuff, although given that this researcher only aims to prevent the effects of ageing I doubt anyone could live to be 1,000 using treatment that was developed from this research. Sooner or later either Heart Disease or Cancer would get ya well before you reach 1,000.

Interesting question though is if you could take medicine that let you live to be 1,000 would you take it?

ZoyosJD2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

I figure genetic research will eventually rid us of all natural causes of death the ones you mentioned included.

I certainly would go for it.

The real question is how do you control a population that could potentially live forever?

NecotheSergal2054d ago

Shooting/throwing everything into the sun always works as a final trump card.

stuna12054d ago

See that's the conundrum! From this all sort of problems would arise. Namely availability! Who and what would be the deciding factor as to who would be given the right or permission to take advantage of this.

People think the population is fractured now! This definitely will not help it. The rich and powerful would have access, while the weak and poor would be left to their own devices.

Tzuno2054d ago

from time to time a plane will fly over each country and rain money, people will kill one with another for them, or organise coliseum battles :)

UltraNova2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

"The real question is how do you control a population that could potentially live forever?"

That will be an issue for the very far future as in the initial period of this advancement (should it ever come to fruition) the cost of becoming ageless will be so high that only the worlds richest will be able to afford it.

So that ^^ takes away 99% of the problem you presented straight away.

By the time all people can have access to such genetic advancements we should be able to colonize other planets. Say 200 years from now?

If we manage to avoid/overcome potential global disasters (climate change, super virus, ice age, solar flares, comets etc)and the like by then.

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dcbronco2054d ago

We seem to be finding water and potentially habital planets and moons on a regular basis. Maybe there is a reason for so much effort now other than to find life. The ability to travel great distances in space and know your loved ones will still be here is one more barrier removed for deep space exploaration.

ironfist922054d ago

Most people do not deserve to live forever.

Death is the natural order of change, and overpopulation is already slowly killing this planet.

bahadur2054d ago

I am gonna agree with you. We should all die in order to give next generations a chance with the planet. We shouldn't be messing with immortality unless we find new worlds. In which case, we should all live.

Knightofelemia2054d ago

But you still can't cure cancer or AIDS or even alizhimers

steve30x2054d ago

The cure is out there but the large chemists don't want it out there because they would lose money.