How Pebble’s CEO Plans To Win The SmartWatch Wars

Long before Apple dove into the smartwatch business this spring, a little company called Pebble made a big splash--and set a $10-million Kickstarter record--by debuting an intelligent timepiece that provides emails, texts, and music controls. Pebble Time, its newest iteration, ships this month and builds on the original with a color e-paper display and a built-in mic. But after Apple’s gorilla-size entry into the market, can Pebble stand its ground? Eric Migicovsky, the company’s founder and CEO, gives Popular Science his view--and advice for his new competitors.

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bahadur2060d ago

It's going to be a little harder now because there are really 'smart' watches like Apple Watch and Moto 360 and there's you Pebble, classy but slightly less smart.