Search for advanced civilizations beyond Earth finds nothing obvious in 100,000 galaxies

After searching 100,000 galaxies for signs of highly advanced life, a team of scientists has found no evidence of advanced civilizations there. The idea behind the research is that, if an entire galaxy had been colonized by an advanced spacefaring civilization, the energy produced by that civilization's technologies would be detectable in mid-infrared wavelengths.

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Stringerbell2054d ago

"We found about 50 galaxies that have unusually high levels of mid-infrared radiation. Our follow-up studies of those galaxies may reveal if the origin of their radiation results from natural astronomical processes, or if it could indicate the presence of a highly advanced civilization."

Also maybe there are civilizations out there that operate in ways in which we cant detect or even fathom.

Dasteru2052d ago

That and these scientists claims are complete BS. The technology does not exist to properly search that many galaxies. They would be lucky to have searched 1% of what they claim. The fact that those galaxies are also hundreds of thousand if not millions of light years away, also means that anything they do detect happened hundreds of thousands or millions of years in the past. They have no way of knowing the currect state of any of it.

Stringerbell2052d ago

Pretty much - we have a hard enough time understanding certain cultures that lived just a few thousand years ago. To think we can identify galaxies that are millions of years old as to whether or not they are inhabited with intelligent life is quite audacious.