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New antibody effectively suppresses HIV in human trial

While there have been many developments on the road to finding a cure, scientists have stumbled upon a new method which has resulted in significant results worth talking about. The research team at the Rockefeller University in New York reproduced a molecule (called 3BNC117) which occurs naturally in just about 1% of persons already infected with HIV.

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Stringerbell2057d ago

Promising trials, we are that much closer to the cure.

SmielmaN2056d ago

Wow, that's pretty amazing.

The sooner they can make unprotected sexual encounters safe the happier the human race will be lol.

But seriously that's great news for ppl who a afflicted with it! Great work science!

zeroskie2056d ago

haven't even clikced on the link but i'm guessing its the family guy you've got aids video, right?

imXify2056d ago

You were close. It was South Park :P

zeroskie2056d ago

haha i forgot about that one

Tzuno2056d ago

looks like cereals, got milk?

Majin-vegeta2056d ago

There's a cure for this just gotta have the money.Hopefully it becomes a reality soon.

S2Killinit2056d ago

Ohh man the day they announce a cure will be so amazing.

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