How ‘top 10’ lists trick the mind

The internet is awash with information that’s been sliced and diced into bite-sized chunks. But why do we find it so appealing? Claudia Hammond explores the canny mind tricks behind the buzz.

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Stringerbell2051d ago

Fortunately techspy hasn't succumbed to the plague of the top 10 lists.

Speed-Racer2051d ago

To be quite honest, if you check BuzzFeed's Tech section, you barely see lists. I think it's that the tech community doesn't respond well to them as they are looking for content with more substance. There are those nostalgia and general lists that do well for the average joe, but the nitty gritty tech list... meh

ZoyosJD2051d ago

True but every site has some sort of guilty pleasure. For example: the occasional science behind the perfect food article which reminds me I'm hungry. hhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm

I'm off make some scrambled eggs for breakfast, gentlemen.

bahadur2051d ago

I fall prey to these list. I'm gonna admit that they are fun. Guilty pleasure.