Turkey Twitter block lifted after image removed

Social media restrictions are being lifted in Turkey, as sites comply with a court order to stop sharing images of a prosecutor being held at gunpoint.

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Stringerbell2067d ago

More nonsense from the Erdoğan regime =/

ZoyosJD2066d ago

I agree. Trying to block internet for one image. They know they cant get rid of it. They're just wasting their time.

Stringerbell2066d ago

It happens a lot these days with Erdoğan. Every so often some random Greek teenagers will make a YouTube video with a bunch of poop and fart jokes aimed at Atatuk or something and Turkey goes nuts and pulls YouTube down. The ironic things is that Erdoğan I'd imagine wouldn't be this super reactionary when it comes to free speech online.

ZoyosJD2066d ago

So you think it's his internet task force calling these shots. If that's the case, then it's even worse because a group of people aren't able to realize that it's over-reactionary and overall counterproductive not to mention against freedom of speech.

Stringerbell2065d ago

My mistake I meant to say Ataturk wouldn't be this over-reactionary.

ZoyosJD2065d ago

Thanks for clarifying. Current world politics isn't my forte. Even so, it doesn't change the fact that they are way over reacting.

I have enough trouble with the local ISP. Having the government interfere would be horrible.

bahadur2065d ago

People from the countries whose governments try to block websites for ridiculous reasons. Use proxies. Or Browsec or ZenMate extension on chrome. Works fine. Screw the government.