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Samsung S6 Edge bends as easily as iPhone 6 Plus

Bad news for Sammy fanboys who still make fun of the iPhone 6 Plus #BendGate problem. A recent demonstration conducted by SquareTrade showed that the S6 Edge bends under the same pressure as a 6 Plus (around 110 pounds of pressure).

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ironfist922488d ago

Well no shit. You can break anything if you try hard enough.

KingPin2488d ago

the difference it the iphone was bending in peoples pockets during everyday use. the htc and samsung arent.

Speed-Racer2488d ago

Playing devil's advocate here, but do you have any evidence to back that claim? Just because it's not on the net doesn't mean it hasn't happened yet.

KingPin2488d ago

well considering how quick everyones iphones bent, the cases were reported and how quick the media were to jump on it, you would think if it happned to samsung or HTC, they would be on it just as quickly.

yes how many cases were there of samsungs and htc bending? im not saying it hasnt happened at all, it may have, but why would they make a big deal about apple and not samsung?

Speed-Racer2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

@Kingpin - Good sir, can you tell me when the S6 Edge goes on sale? It's still too early to say given that the masses haven't picked up their handsets yet. As for the HTC, good point.

quenomamen2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

Yea sure, an 1/4 thick piece of aluminum and glass sandwiching a battery and electronics bends by just having it in your pocket yea ok. Everybody generates 110lb per square of pressure just walking around everyday.

Soldierone2488d ago

I have the HTC One that is supposed to bend. The other day my pockets were full so I threw it in my back pocket while I walked around. After driving home, sitting at my desk, doing some other stuff I suddenly went "wait, where's my phone?" :P

Really did, then I went "OH CRAP" I forgot it in my back pocket. Nothing wrong with it at all.

iphone screens break like mad though, not sure about Samsung. My girlfriends samsung hasn't bent or broke yet, but my family all has iPhone's, and I think they have ALL gone through at least 2 screens now. They go to "Batteries plus" to get them replaced, they can tell you the price and everything lol

hiredhelp2488d ago

Funny ive had iphone 4s iphone 5c never needed worry about screens or bending.
Plus putting any electrical device with a thin pcb board with chance sitting on it very bad idea no matter what device.

Seraphim2488d ago

maybe people should stop putting their phones in their back pocket and sitting on them? Seems to me the only normal situation they'd bend. Pretty sure stashing a phone in your bra isn't going to cause this.

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Tzuno2488d ago Show
eferreira2488d ago

And because it isn't Apple you hardly hear anything about the issue.

jairusmonillas2488d ago

Not surprised, Samsung copied iPhone by going all metal with no backcase for S6. bad decision lol.

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